INSSKI CONSTRUCTION provides commercial remodeling services in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and the Orange County business communities. We pride ourselves on providing the best commercial repair services in offices, schools, health centers, industrial buildings, and retail outlets. Our team is dedicated to providing new renovation and construction services such as commercial painting, power development, roofing, commercial roofing, commercial flooring, commercial windows and doors, Landscape and landscape. We provide commercial restructuring solutions to each client to help them achieve their goals whether it enhances the quality or addition of additional units.


We strive to provide the highest quality and full-service commercial remodeling in Los Angeles for large or small businesses. We understand that your company's needs change as it grows and changes. Instead of taking an important vacation to relocate your business to a new one, why not make your existing space available to your needs?

Rediscover your building and transform it into a place suitable for your daily activities. Our team of professional designers can work with you to take care of all the details. From small improvements to complete transformations, we can get the job done. Increase space, improve productivity, and invest in your company line. We will handle every step of the way to make your sales structure as efficient as possible.

INSSKI CONSTRUCTION commercial remodeling services can make your building more accessible and safe for your customers and employees while also complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which became law in 1990. With it came a slew of requirements for new buildings and commercial facilities.

With our INSSKI CONSTRUCTION remodeling services, we can complete commercial renovation projects that comply with current guidelines. Potential modifications include:

  • Widening doorways

  • Leveling thresholds for wheelchairs

  • Installing anti-slip flooring

  • Adjustment to lever and switch heights

  • Build entrance ramps

  • Commercial renovation service from Landmark Construction & Development Group Inc will ensure that your building meets all necessary standards.